Your Life in Pink

Your Life in Pink

January 3, 2018

IMG_6581The other day a married friend and mom of two said, “I really wish I had a wife.”

That simple statement stung with accuracy and left us bobbing our heads in agreement. A wife would make life so much easier.

But that idea also got us thinking: Why are women doing so much for others, while no one is doing the same for them?

When was the last time you made yourself a priority without feeling guilty? Or the last time you allowed your career, housework, children, errands, and countless other thankless jobs to take a backseat to your well-being? And more importantly, why is it so hard for you to do that?

Now imagine a world where that was simply the norm. A world where the standard female experience didn’t just allow you to prioritize and celebrate yourself, but expected you to.

That’s just the world that we’ve been working to create.

La Vie en Rose doesn’t celebrate the overworked, underpaid, rarely appreciated woman. We celebrate the woman underneath all that. The woman who deserves to be pampered and spoiled and fawned over. We want to bring that woman to the surface to remind her of how worthy she is of taking time for herself.

If there’s a time and a place for life’s demands, then there’s most certainly a time and a place for self-love and care. The woman who manages the house and corrals the kids and rules the workplace – that woman should be prioritized right alongside all of those other things that life makes us maintain. If she’s not taken care of, how can she properly take care of everyone else?

Here at La Vie en Rose, we want you to remember that woman so you can indulge her, cherish her, and remind her of how wonderful she is.

Love and flowers,
La Vie en Rose

  1. Susan Kolbe says:

    So true! And after reading this today! I plan on doing just that I have the day off and will be sure to take care of me.

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