Build Your Dream Denim Wardrobe: Finding The Styles That Work For Your Body

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August 5, 2023

Remember the days when our denim wardrobes consisted solely of skinny jeans?

That may seem like a lifetime ago now that there are so many different styles on the market. From flares and wide legs to straights and boyfriend jeans, the denim world has never been so diverse.

But as much as we’re loving all the different fits we have to choose from, it can be hard to know which ones will actually work for you. As you know, we believe that comfort and authenticity are the keys to beauty, which is why it’s important to forgo the trends to figure out what truly makes you happy.

So if you’re not sure which denim fits to go for – fear not! Below we’ll be sharing the best denim styles for every body type. 

How To Pick The Best Jeans For Your Body Type

The Best Jeans For Hourglass Shaped Bodies

Flaunt your curves with high-rise jeans that accentuate your narrow waist. Skinny, slim, and straight fits are always safe bets. If you want something a little different, you can always opt for bootcut or flared jeans for a retro feel. Baggy or low rise jeans may not be the best bet, as they can make your hips look wider than they actually are.

The Best Jeans For Apple Shaped Bodies

Let your legs take the spotlight with slim and skinny fits. They don’t have to stay slim all the way down; subtle kick flares and bootcuts will also do you favors. Look for mid-rise styles that sit comfortably between the waist and hips; they won’t draw attention anywhere you don’t want it.

The Best Jeans For Pear Shaped Bodies

Create balance by opting for bootcut and flared styles with a tapered leg. Overly skinny styles may emphasize your hips, while curved styles will draw the eye from your waist all the way to your ankles. You may also want to avoid jeans with contrast or embellished pockets, as they can give the illusion of wider hips. To complement your narrow waist, stick to mid or high-waisted rises.

The Best Jeans For Inverted Triangle Shaped Bodies

Those with narrow hips can create proportion through baggy and loose styles like boyfriend and wide leg jeans. Flares and bootcuts are also great options. Curved or detailed pockets can give the illusion of more curves if that’s what you’re going for – if not, keep it simple! A high or mid rise can also help create shape by drawing attention to your waistline.

The Best Jeans For Rectangular Shaped Bodies

Define your waist with high rise styles in curved fits, like flares or bootcuts. Skinnies are also great for showing off your shape, while straight and mom jeans will do wonders for you if you prefer a looser fit.

Remember, it’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you ever need more advice and support when it comes to denim, don’t be afraid to ask Rebecca or Meg next time you’re in the boutique!

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