Our Favorite Fall Accessories For 2023

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October 11, 2023

Fall is here, which means it’s time for your accessories to shine!

We believe that fall is the best season for embracing stylish add-ons. In the summer heat you might not want to get weighed down by extra pieces. In the winter, they’re too likely to get covered up by heavy outerwear. And in the spring, you probably want to ease off your winter layers, making fall the perfect time of year for spicing up your outfits with accessories. They’ll be exactly what you need to gently prepare yourself for cooler temperatures while still looking chic.

Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite fall accessories for 2023 below!

Oversized Scarves

Scarves are a quintessential fall accessory, and this year they’re bigger and better than ever. Large scarf styles like shawls, pashminas, and ponchos are trending; think drape-and-go styles that you can substitute for jackets in the season’s early days (perfect for dealing with those fluctuating transitional temperatures). Once it gets colder, you can wrap your large scarf over a trench coat or wool jacket.

In terms of colors and patterns, this season is all about the classics: tartans, stripes, and checks in earthy hues like mustards, browns, scarlets, and olives. Bring on the coziness!

Shoulder Bags

Keep your essentials close by with this season’s most popular handbag style. After years of crossbodies reigning supreme, the handbag world is transitioning to a more ladylike silhouette with shoulder and top handle bags being all the rage this season.

This style is surprisingly comfortable and practical. Shoulder bags tend to be more roomy than mini crossbodies (without feeling bulky), and the right styles will snuggle against your body so you can still enjoy hands-free ease of movement. It’ll definitely be a refreshing alternative to a bag swinging around your hips!

Lace-Up Boots

From admiring gorgeous foliage to strolling to your favorite cafe for seasonal indulgences, you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes this fall. Fortunately, lace-up boots seem to be the shoe of the season! This added detail adds a nostalgic feel and softens up the look of chunky boots after a few seasons of sleek styles dominating the scene.

Whether it’s a combat boot, a hiking boot, or an ankle boot, make your fall boots a bit more interesting by opting for styles with lace-up detailing.

Ballet Flats

On the opposite side of the shoe spectrum is the resurgence of dainty ballet flats. They’re an ideal choice for dry days when you want a lighter footwear option, like when you need to run out for an errand or two.

Consider them a dressier version of sneakers for the season. If you’re worried about looking dated, just pair them with modern silhouettes, like straight or wide leg pants and oversized sweaters, and you’ll be good to go!

Silver Jewelry

Gold has been the metal of choice in the jewelry world for a few years now, but silver is starting to take over. The cool, icy metal is perfect for the upcoming holiday season and the metallic decorations that come with it.

Consider switching out some of your favorite daily pieces to silver. We love antique-looking talisman pendants and mixed bead bracelets for a vintage chic feel. If you’re a firm gold girl, you can always experiment with mixing metals for a fresh and contemporary vibe.


The pearl craze is showing no signs of stopping. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Remember, 2023 varieties are not your grandmother’s pearls. Instead of perfectly symmetrical strands of round white pearls, fashion lovers are celebrating the natural imperfections of baroque, rice, and Keshi pearls in all shades of the rainbow. They’re also being incorporated into more diverse styles, like single pendants, bracelet charms, and drop earrings, proving there truly is a pearl for everyone. 

Pops of Red

Now you know which accessories are trending, you might be wondering what color to get them in. Vibrant shades of red are definitely some of the most popular hues of the season.

Whether it’s a natural progression from spring and summer’s Barbie pink or it’s just a brighter take on classic fall colors, we think accessories are an excellent way to introduce this bold color into your wardrobe. You can keep it as subtle as a small red gemstone in your jewelry, or as striking as a red bag or pair of shoes. Either way, it’s an amazing color to bring some vibrance to your fall looks! From bold statement pieces to more understated choices, this season’s range of accessories is as diverse as it gets! Which of these fall 2023 trends will you be trying out?

Can’t wait to see you in the boutique! xo

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