Clean Sweep: Tips & Tricks for a Fresh Home This Spring

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March 27, 2024

Oh spring, how we love you! The season of renewal and rebirth always makes us feel so happy and optimistic after a long winter.

It encourages us to tackle new projects, from boutique-related endeavors to good old spring cleaning. Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘out with the old, in with the new’ – it’s only fitting to do the same at home.

The outcome of spring cleaning is always rewarding, but the process can be a lot of work. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite spring cleaning tips and tricks for all areas of your home below!

General Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Come up with a game plan before you bust out your best cleaning equipment. It will make your spring cleaning more streamlined and enjoyable.

  • Create a schedule. The beauty of spring cleaning (aside from the stunning end result) is in the name. Spring is a whole season, so don’t feel like you have to cram a massive deep clean session into one weekend. Spreading your cleaning sessions across different days will make them much more manageable.
  • Work from top to bottom. If you’re not sure where to start, just look up! Using the top to bottom method brings dust and debris downwards, so you won’t have to re-clean any areas at the end.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

We’re sure you keep your house in order all year round, but spring cleaning lets you go a bit deeper than usual. Here are some ways to make this clean stand out from your habitual routines.

  • Declutter. Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Marie Kondo. Get rid of the things that don’t bring you joy, or that you simply don’t need.

When it comes to decluttering, stick to the tried and tested three pile system: keep, donate, and toss. We know it’s hard to let go of things you think might come in handy one day or items with sentimental value, but we promise a clutter-free home will make you feel better. 

  • Get into the often overlooked areas. Forget your usual cleaning routine – spring cleaning is all about giving the neglected nooks and crannies some TLC.

Things like ceiling fans, light fixtures, the spaces behind and underneath furniture, air vents, baseboards, appliances, switches and knobs, windows, blinds, doormats, and garbage cans are prime candidates for spring cleaning. They don’t get quite dirty enough to be part of your daily or weekly routines, but a surprising amount of grime and dust can build up if you avoid them for too long.

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Wardrobe

You might only associate spring cleaning with household items, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity to revisit your wardrobe. We are probably all guilty of hanging onto clothes we no longer wear or not giving our accessories enough maintenance, which is where spring cleaning comes in.

Here are some ways to (literally) refresh your wardrobe.

  • Clean out & declutter. Use the same three pile decluttering process we mentioned above. Keep the items you love and wear on a regular basis, and filter through the rest to determine if they can be donated, re-sold, or recycled.
  • Organize your closet. Once your wardrobe is streamlined, make the most of your favorite pieces by re-organizing them! You can do this a few ways according to your preference: organizing garments by color, type (tops/dresses/skirts/pants etc), occasion, or even by outfit. 
  • Refresh your shoes. When was the last time you gave your shoes a thorough clean? Don’t worry if you can’t remember – that’s what spring cleaning is for. How you clean your shoes will depend on the material, so be sure to follow specific instructions for leather, suede, canvas, and rubber.
  • Clean out your bags & purses. If your everyday bag contains everything but the kitchen sink, it could probably use a tidy. Start by emptying out all of your bags and decluttering as needed. Then you can give their interiors and exteriors a refresh. How you do this will depend on the material: cotton totes can be thrown in the washing machine, while leather bags will need to be wiped down individually. Be sure to research cleaning strategies for specific materials.
  • Brighten up your whites. Are your white pieces looking dull? Run a whitening wash or two to bring back their brightness. You can do this with specialized whitening powders or formulas, or go the DIY route with ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda, and white vinegar.
  • Take care of any high maintenance items (if applicable). Tackle that pile of hand wash or dry clean only clothes that you’ve been meaning to get to. Give those wool sweaters a brush. Take care or any maintenance routines that you may have been putting off.

We hope these tips will give you better clarity and direction for the days ahead. Happy spring cleaning, and hope to see you soon! xoxo

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