An Ode to Moms Past, Present and Future

Your Life in Pink

May 10, 2018

Few words illicit the same response as “mom.” She’s our first love, our ultimate caretaker, and unequivocally our biggest fan. Whether she’s a birth mom, adoptive mom, mother figure, mentor, mom to fur babies or a mom who’s no longer with us, we think the ladies out there all deserve some love. And since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we wanted to shout from the rooftops our adoration for the gals who do it all, and give you some ideas for how you can treat her right.

“Life began with waking up and loving my mother’s face.” – George Eliot


Wine O’Clock

Image may contain: drinkWe love this wine glass for so many reasons. One, we love wine. And two, sometimes kids are the reason we need it.

Wine glass, $16.25


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Sometimes we actually can find the right words, and they’re even sweeter in a pretty package.

Floral plaque, $26

If that’s not enough…

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Send this beautiful message with your mom wherever she goes, with this stainless steel, practical-yet-pretty water bottle.

Stainless steel water bottle, $28

Never were there such devoted sisters

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This sweet little jewelry tray is perfect for the best aunts out there.

Jewelry tray, $12.50

Wine O’clock – again

Image may contain: drink

Just in case you need another vessel for the vino, we’ve got more options.

Wine tumbler, $20

Good taste is easy to recognize

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For our fashion-forward moms, this kimono is perfect for a robe or a bathing suit cover.

Floral kimono, $32

For many women, motherhood comes with the unexpected emotion of understanding and appreciating your own mom on a new level. The hard work, sleepless nights, constant worry, and unconditional love can be overwhelming in the best way possible.

The flip side is the not-so-idealistic tasks that come with being a mom. It’s so easy to lose yourself in your kids and to set aside your needs in order to take care of your little ones. But how can you provide your best care if you’re not cared for yourself?

At La Vie en Rose, we want you to prioritize yourself so you can be the best mom and woman you can be.

Kids, you take it from here.

Love and flowers,
La Vie en Rose

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