Reinvention Lite: 4 Treats to Inspire the Springtime Goddess in You

Your Life in Pink

May 10, 2019

Reinvention might be a lofty goal for the normal humans among us, but this Spring, we’re feeling inspired by its essence. Mother Nature, in the midst of her annual reinvention, is one of our most palpable inspirations. Revealing her new colors and flavors, she works toward her full potential while shining bright through her various periods of growth.

This should come as no surprise, as Mother always knows best.

At La Vie en Rose, we dress women in clothing that inspires them to be whichever color and flavor they feel they are that day. But we also offer touches of inspiration that can brighten your home, your wrists, and even your cocktails — because lord knows we need ‘em.

To celebrate Mother Nature’s annual reinvention, we want to share with you four of our most inspiring items to awaken the Springtime goddess in you.


UR Fearless

These beautiful and aromatically hypnotizing soaps aren’t just fragrant and inspiring and gorgeous. They’re also handmade by women who are transitioning out of a crisis – “challenging families and abusive circumstances” as their mission states – and need a place to work.

Enjoy their lovely messages, vibrant colors and adorable packaging for just $8.


Your Best Project

When it comes to woman-owned business, we’re certainly biased — we think they’re best! And one of the greatest parts of being a woman-owned business is creating additional opportunities for other woman-owned businesses to thrive.

Enter The Northern Palette, beautiful hand-painted and carved home decor from owner and designer Karina Herring.

Her rustic and elegant designs will fit in with any type of room in any type of home. Sayings such as “don’t quit your daydream” and “the best project you’ll ever work on is you” will keep you motivated and focused on demanding time for yourself to invest in your best project.

Signs range from $15-45.


Cheers to the Grown-Ass Ladies

Ice? Check. Olives? Check. Vodka? Check check. The only thing missing from your favorite cocktail is a sassy napkin to complete the look. Think of these as the inspiring accessory you didn’t know your martini needed.

Grab a pack or three for your next birthday party or girls’ night (or bridal shower or…) for $5.50.


You Must Be Bold, Darling

Last but not least and our favorite way to wear your inspiration on your sleeve — the mantra bracelet.

Each engraved with a meaningful mantra, our favorites include:

“Adventure is Out There”

“You’re Braver Than You Believe”

“You Must Be Bold Darling”

“Go Live Your Dream”

We love mantra bracelets for many reasons, but feeling the weight of these words on your hands is equal parts deep and stylish, a combination we just can’t resist.

Find your favorite by Lillian + Co for $28.


In honor of the OG inspiration, Mother Nature, we wish you a happy Springtime filled with fresh ideas, thoughtful inspiration, and maybe just a dash of reinvention.

Love and flowers,

La Vie en Rose

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