Leave Your Sparkle Wherever You Go: A Farewell to Jen

Your Life in Pink

July 8, 2019

Collaboration is at the heart of anything that’s ever been great. Band members push each other to create sounds we’ve never heard; software engineers need designers to make their code come to life; writers have teams of editors to make their words mean something.

And La Vie en Rose has Jen – a creative, beautiful soul who’s at the heart of everything we’ve accomplished so far.

We’re not feeling sappy about our beloved Jen for no reason — she and her family have a new opportunity awaiting them in Florida, and as such, we must bid her farewell.

“Jen puts her heart and soul into all she does,” says Megan Boardman, owner of LVR. “I can’t even begin to imagine what this boutique would be like without her special touch.”

A partnership like that of Jen and Megan is one that proves to us that people really do come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Lucky for us, that partnership is all three.

Megan and Jen have worked in tandem to get LVR where it is today: a thriving, woman-owned local boutique with hand-picked items and tons of charm. They bounce ideas back and forth, providing the crucial ingredient of another’s point of view. They each have different styles and taste, which they’ve harnessed and turned into a complementary strategy rather than allowing for a clash.

“We’ve always complemented one another and it’s worked so well in the shop,” says Megan. “Jen prefers boho styles while I go for vintage. We have different tastes and different personalities that blend together perfectly!”

That perfect blend shows in the store, where any woman of any size can find clothes she feels good in, and any gift seeker can discover the ideal item for the lady in their life. And that all happens in a lively setting thanks in no small part to Jen.

“Jen makes the shop look so beautiful,” says Megan. “She has a vision that I don’t always see, and always brings new ideas to the table.”

We must attribute the success of the store to the power of female collaboration, partnership and friendship. Megan and Jen find inspiration in one another, enjoy the challenges each brings to the table, and know that any problem is better solved with two brainy broads at the helm.

“Jen has loved the shop as her own and it has shown,” says Megan. “She truly leaves sparkle wherever she goes.”

So this one’s for you, Jen — we can’t thank you enough for leaving your sparkle all over La Vie en Rose, and we can’t wait to see what else shines in your hands. 

Love and flowers,

La Vie en Rose

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